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When you discover that meaningful purpose in life, which is embedded in each one of us and that allows us to change our world and to impact the world of other living beings. When the most important thing is to make the change from within oneself and motivate others with our good example.

Have you ever wondered what would it be like to care about something more than just yourself?
Have you ever asked yourself how your interactions can contribute to a better world?

If you haven’t yet, but you always wanted too, then lending a helping hand and getting involved in different service projects in Costa Rica will give you the opportunity to discover that inner self desire to support and contribute to a better world while traveling and having fun in this beautiful country!

Costa Rica has been recognized internationally for its constant effort to preserve its nature and wildlife, being home for more than 850 different species of birds, more than 250 different species of mammals and much more. Allowing future generations to witness the importance of conservation for the world.

Enjoy Nature – Enjoy Wildlife – Be Green and Protect Conservation!

Costa Rica is home to 5 out of 7 species of sea turtles in the world. That is crazy right?

Our privileged position with the equator makes this possible, hence why Costa Rica is one of the most diverse countries in the world!
If you have always wanted to learn more about  amazing reptiles and support conservation projects to preserve some of the most endangered species in the world. Then this is the opportunity that you have always been looking for. Costa Rica conservation projects are always in need of volunteers, donations and lots of hand labor to support this amazing worldwide cause!

Go Green – Go Preserve – Go Turtle Lovers!

Costa Rica has 32 national parks, 51 wildlife refuges, 13 forest reserves and 8 biological reserves. Yes crazy right! And what does that mean? That, lots of work is needed!

Whether that reflects in helping with hand laboring, volunteering, donating, etc. Lending A Helping Hand is never it will never be too much! Tuanis Costa Rica can find the right protected area for you and your folks to support this cause!

Every human being has dreams and every community has goals that they want to achieve!
Everyone has important needs!

One thing that is true however, is that every person can contribute to those individuals and communities and achieve their dreams!

Due to diverse weather conditions, terrain, volcanic activity, earthquakes, and many other natural factors, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama are countries that experience rapid major shifts in their living conditions. These communities are always exposed to surprise factors that aren’t in their control and this is also related to the lack of basic resources that these people and communities have access to.

Go Make A Change – Go And Volunteer – Go And Be Grateful!

Our Costa Rican ancestors share their extensive knowledge and wisdom throughout the generations. Many of these indigenous groups have dedicated time to mastering their traditions, offering new generations a meaningful purpose as part of their legacy.

Be adventurous and discover and experience what it is like to be part of their traditions by participating in these interactive workshops. Whether this means you having to carve your own mask or totem pole to represent your spiritual animal or to participate in a spiritual sweat lodge or cleansing of your body, mind and spirit, Tuanis Costa Rica will connect you with some of the main indigenous groups in the country that are proud to share their traditions and knowledge with our visitors!

Go Spiritual – Keep the Traditions Alive – Go Connect With Your Inner-Self!

Do you love the combination of sun, beach and ocean? Who doesn’t?

Unfortunately the amount of plastics that are ending up on our beautiful beaches and oceans are slowly killing this perfect combination and destroying our marine wildlife!

Are you ready to make a change?

Are you willing to enjoy our beautiful beaches and learn how to surf, while volunteering in beach clean up projects in the Land of the Pura Vida?

Go Kill The Plastic – Go Surf – Go And Volunteer!

Have you ever seen so much nature and wildlife concentrated in such a tiny country?

Costa Rica is one of the most diverse countries in the world, and is home to more than 500 thousands living beings. About 900 different species of birds have been identified, more than 5000 thousand different insects and over 1000 thousand of those are just butterflies, more than 212 different species of mammals. About 70 lizards and 120 snakes are a part of the 225 reptiles that inhabit Costa Rica.

However a lot of species are endangered and there are a few animal rescue centers that have dedicated their time and resources to support those living beings.

Tuanis Costa Rica can hook you up with those organizations during your visit and volunteering work. These projects will continue to help those animals in danger!

Go And Help – Go And Donate – Go Make A Change!

Do you want to Lend A Helping Hand?
Do you want to be a part of something bigger?

Tuanis Costa Rica will help you discover your internal desire for to help!

If any of the previous listed options are not the right one for you, Please let us know what kind of project you would love to be actively participating in and we will try to make it happen for you!

Are you ready to start your adventure?