Changing The World

Immerse Yourself

Experience life with the natives

The best way to get to know a country is through immersion in the local culture, its people and learning of its lifestyle. Experiences that can change your way of seeing life, the value of our world, the world of all!

Wake up to the sounds of nature, the smell of a fresh cup of coffee and a delicious homemade gallo pinto. Yes, a traditional Tico breakfast. That is a very authentic way to embrace the local’s lifestyle. If your thing is to discover unforgettable places, then experience the rural communities of Costa Rica and their simplicity. Being off the beaten path is what you really need during your time in Costa Rica.

Learn how to make homemade bread, cheese and tortillas, while embracing the tico lifestyle around those marvelous communities and the locals. Sometimes going back to basics can have a healing effect in your constant search for happiness.

Live in the moment and enjoy the Pura Vida essence!

Costa Rica is well known for being a truth Green Diamond, yes the “Rich Coast” name given by the Spanish colonizers back in our history, as when they first explore the Caribbean Islands they discovered how rich this country was in wildlife, natural resources, fresh fruits and much more.

If you are truly a lover of the undiscovered and always want to explore off the beaten path, then we have amazing destinations for you to explore!

From hiking up to a cave to spend the night over there to rappelling down a beautiful waterfall, swimming in the natural pools and even enjoying the sunset with stunning ocean views from the edge of a waterfall, or experiencing a sustainable farm while sleeping in tree houses.

Perhaps, your thing is to hike in the middle of the jungle and enjoy the contact with nature and wildlife, until the smells of fresh homemade food and delicious Costa Rican coffee wakes you up to start the day! Tuanis Costa Rica will help you find the right experience for you!

Go Rural – Go Authentic – Go Pura Vida!

Have you always wanted to see undiscovered destinations?
Have you always wanting to go off the beaten path?

Whether this is your first trip to the Land of the Pura Vida or you just simply decided to come back to embrace a more authentic Costa Rican experience, then this is the right challenge for you! Tuanis Costa Rica has the right combination, from staying with the local people and sleeping in their family home, to learning how to cook, become a part of their daily routines and just enjoy simplicity; these expeditions will provide you with the real essence of Ticos and their lifestyles.

Go Be A Tico – Go Enjoy Simplicity – Go Discover The Real Essence Of The Pura Vida!

Are you ready to start your adventure?