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Tuanis Costa Rica is an online B2B travel agency. We provide pre-designed and customized travel experiences in Costa Rica for independent agents, entrepreneurs and small businesses to sell internationally. We have over 20 years experience working in tourism. We work with the best tour operators in the country, who like ourselves have decades of experience, offering unforgettable tours. Everyone we work with have all the required certification, with safety being our utmost priority, as well as ensuring our guests have a life changing experience.

What we offer

We focus our experiences on groups, from 6 to 25 people. Our groups can be anything from educational institutions, such as universities, colleges and schools to groups of friends and families. We offer a range of experiences from homestays to adventure tours.

We have set packages that groups can select from or can tailor a package to the group’s needs and budget. Whether they are looking for a daily adrenaline rush, to immerse themselves in the local culture or to explore those hidden gems, we can create them an experience of a lifetime for them. To give you some idea of the exciting experiences that we offer, our trips include hiking, surfing, sea kayaking, diving, zip-lining, canyoneering, waterfall rappelling, community projects and homestays, living with local families.

How we operate

We work in 2 different ways:

Direct to Consumer (D2C):

Ideal for agents selling the packages that have limited knowledge of the experiences or for agents that have groups that want to speak to an expert in Costa Rican tourism. The agent will introduce the group to Tuanis Costa Rica and we will then manage the process from there, communicating directly with the group and helping them select the right experience. We will also provide emergency support during their stay in Costa Rica.

Business to Business (B2B):

For agents selling the packages that have previous experience and knowledge of Costa Rica. They would manage the relationship with the group and complete the sale. The only assistance they would need from Tuanis Costa Rica would be to manage the booking and provide the group with all the necessary information about their trip.


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