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Try Something New!

Tuanis Costa Rica offers a variety of activities that are not only exciting but also challenging and are a great way to push yourself. Work in a team or solo to learn a new skill, technique or just have a bit of fun.




Do you want to feel an adrenaline rush?
Have you ever experienced what it’s like to paddle fast through whitewater rapids?

Known as one of the best whitewater destinations in the world, Costa Rica has what you’ve been looking for! Flowing 108 kms into the Caribbean Sea, the Pacuare River has been listed as one of the Top 10 rivers in the world to whitewater raft. Challenging, beautiful, and clean, it is the run every rafter and kayaker dreams of. “Dig it in!” through ‘Upper & Lower Huacas’ rapids and then relax while floating through the Dos Montanas Gorge gazing up at all the beautiful scenery the Pacuare has to offer. Or be ready to embrace the beauty and clean waters of the Savegre! Known as one of the cleanest rivers in Costa Rica, the Savegre River flows through the virgin forests of the Pacific slope and out to the Pacific Ocean.

Go Big - Go Rafting! A must do activity in the Land of ‘Pura Vida’!


Are you a crazy ocean lover?
Have you always dreamed about connecting your soul, body and mind with the waves?

If you have, then surfing in Costa Rica is one of the greatest activities you can learn while enjoying the stunning ocean views, awesome sandy beach colors and crazy monkeys that come to watch you catch the waves. Costa Rica is a worldwide paradise for surfing, whether you are a beginner or advanced there is always a beach that can challenge you in this fantastic extreme sport!

Go and ride a wave! Go Surfing! - A must do activity in the Land of the Pura Vida!


Do you know what is to only be depending on your lower body strength and great technique to reach out to the highest point? Have you experienced what is to face your fears and let your emotions become adrenaline while following those climbing routes? Rock Climbing is one of those incredible extremes sports, that could challenge yourself to the max, while you become oneself with the climbing wall!
Let the adrenaline kick in - Let your fears vanish - Become oneself with the Climbing wall!


Have you ever felt small and insignificant in the wider ocean waters?
Have you ever wondered what it is to be a part of something much bigger?

You can go sea kayaking over beautiful crystal water by the white sand beaches of the Pacific or Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and Panama. While embracing this experience, you can enjoy stunning views and crazy colorful ocean life. Perhaps if you are a nature enthusiast you may be privileged to see dolphins, sea turtles or even humpback whales or whale sharks while finding your natural rhythm with your kayak in the ocean. It just makes you want to paddle forever!

Explore - Connect - Embrace - Enjoy!


1, 2, 3 Go!

Yes… hold your breath and let your lungs do the magic for you, and discover the undiscovered. Snorkeling and Scuba diving are amazing experiences that people describe as being the closest to what is like to be in space. Perhaps, the non voyance that you will experience in the ocean is close to the lack of gravity in space. Are you ready to take yourself to another level? It is time to enjoy and explore the beauty of the marine life that Costa Rica and Panama have to offer you!

1, 2, 3 Go! It is time for your first immersion!


Have you always wanted to live life on the edge?
Looking to take things to the extreme?

Waterfall rappelling is by far one of the most exciting activities that any human being can experience. The constant adrenaline of depending on a rope, carabiner, harness, helmet, a velayer and your best technique to rappel down a 225 ft waterfall, makes you want to learn how to levitate! Perhaps, Yoga isn't the only activity that makes you feel every single muscle, each breath or each movement of your brain and body. Let the adrenaline that waterfall rappelling in Costa Rica offers you, to take control of your body and experience a roller coaster of emotions!

Living Life to the Extreme!


Have you always wanted to see undiscovered destinations?
Have you always wanted to go off the beaten path?

Whether this is your first trip to the Land of the Pura Vida or you just simply decided to come back to embrace a more authentic Costa Rican experience, then this is the right challenge for you! Tuanis Costa Rica has the right combination, from staying with the local people and sleeping in their family home, to learning how to cook, become a part of their daily routines and just enjoy simplicity; these expeditions will provide you with the real essence of Ticos and their lifestyles.

Go Be A Tico - Go Enjoy Simplicity - Go Discover The Real Essence Of The Pura Vida!


Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
No... it's Superman!!!

Yes, Costa Rica is well known for having some of the longest zip lines in the whole of Central America. From experiencing the amazing canopy views to feeling that you are flying in the sky over the tallest trees of the Rain and Cloud Forest, Costa Rica and its zip-lines make you want to start your piloting career!

Go Crazy - Go Fly over the Rain or Cloud Forest - Go an be a Superhero in the Costa Rican Jungle!


Are you looking to disconnect from the hassle and stress of your daily routine?
Are you in need of an escape, to reset and start afresh?

Hiking in the mountains of Costa Rica will allow you to be mindful and find the energy that you are looking for. Climbing mountains is one of the top 10 most impactful activities that any human being can do in their lifetime and the forest and ecosystems of Costa Rica are waiting for you.

Go climb a mountain - Get Energised - Go Hiking!

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