Who We Are

All about Tuanis!

Who are we?

Tuanis Costa Rica is a local business that was created with the desire to show people from all over the world the beauty of Costa Rica, our lovely people and traditions.

As founders of Tuanis we are constantly looking for real experiences in our lives, awesome adventures and to have that marvelous connection and symbiosis with nature.

Our passion for the undiscovered started at a very early age. For us, wanting to explore the country and its astonishing outdoors, to connect with very humble local people and their traditions, amazing nature and wildlife, has been super important in our lives and what made us become really close friends. We always wondered how such a small country had so much to offer and being able to share those experiences with others, was something that we always had dreamed about.

Our truly Pure Life style is what characterizes us Ticos y Ticas as being one of the happiest countries in the world. So why not spread the love with all the authentic and passionate people that want to visit us and discover and experience the Tico lifestyle in this beautiful country. That’s why Tuanis Costa Rica became our platform, so we can share these unforgettable experiences with the rest of the world.

Exactly, all travelers around the world, all nature lovers, who enjoy to living life to the full and are looking for a bit of Pura Vida time in their lives, will always be welcome to experience the Real Costa Rica with us.

Don’t think about it anymore, come and explore with us!



Our mission is to expose our clients to amazing experiences in undiscovered destinations in Costa Rica, interact with local people and immerse themselves in their daily traditions and unique lifestyle.

Our vision is to provide a solution for tourists that seek full cultural immersion and authentic experiences in Costa Rica

By offering unique experiences and destinations Tuanis Costa Rica contributes to the local economy creating a perfect simbiosis between our adventurous visitors, our business ideals that links into a model of sustainable rural tourism.

20% of our profit will be donated to scholarships in local schools and communities that collaborate with Tuanis Costa Rica, to support kids and less privileged families.